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Running a game through steam-user


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Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to use steam-user for this particular use case I have.

I've written a C# console application that emulates a specific game to fetch leaderboard data directly from the server since the leaderboard in question isn't publicly available.

If I'm logged into the official steam client and launch the application, steam treats it properly as a game.


However, I want to run this application on a headless server. Do you think this would be possible with steam-user?

If not, do you know of any other way to achieve this?

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No, steam-user isn't compatible with Steamworks in any way. You could write an app that logs into Steam and fetches leaderboard data (leaderboards aren't presently available in steam-user though so you'd need to implement that yourself), but you wouldn't be able to reuse any of your existing C# code.

Have you tried using steamcmd? I have no idea if it works with Steamworks apps the same way as the proper Steam client.

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