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Is there a way to change proxy after the constructor?


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I'm aware that I can do something like that 

const requestProxy = request.defaults({'proxy':userProxy});
let community = new SteamCommunity({'request': requestProxy});

But this set up a single proxy for the whole instance, while I would like to use a different proxy on different request I do with community

I know I could do that by doing my own request with something like this 

const options = {url: URL, proxy: getRandomProxy()};
request(options, function (err, resp, body) {
  // Here I have a different proxy everytime

But is there a way to have something similar while using the functions from this package?

Thank you!


Edit : Unless it's useless and the rate limite is based on the Steam account rather than the IP used

Edit2 :  After some testing, rate limite seems to be based on account requests rather than IP, making the proxy switch useless. I'll investigate a bit more but probably won't change the result.

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