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Confusion with the login system and the web sessions

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Hey there,
hope someone that used this can help me understand this login system better.
What i need: A webSession
How i get that: webSession Event emiter

I want to use this remember token (loginKey from the event) aswell as storing the password plain text (I know stupid) as optional parameter. Application should be able to run a long time.
My problem is, that i do not get a webSession even all the time, as said in docs "NOTE: If you log on this way, webSession will NOT be emitted automatically, and you will need to use webLogOn() to get a web session." but here my problem starts, i don´t know how to use webLogOn(), IDE tells me i need nothing, i tryed the client, and steamID objects. Both didn´t work.

The other thing is, i wrote some logic to handle logins and to store username + password (optional) in a config file. However it sometimes just logs me in. Without using that config file. Even when i used "rememberPassword: false".
Here the code:

 * Login into steam as normal steam client
 * @param {Json} [config]
const Steam_login = (config = global_config) => {
    if (fs.existsSync('./loginkey')) {
        log.info("Login with loginkey")
            accountName: config.Steam_Username,
            loginKey: fs.readFileSync('loginkey', 'utf8'),
    } else {
        if (config.Steam_Password !== "") {
            log.info("Login with username & password")
                "accountName": config.Steam_Username,
                "password": config.Steam_Password,
                rememberPassword: false
        } else {
            log.error("Login with loginKey failed and no password was found. EXIT")

This logs me in without loginkey on my FS AND without the password stored, i don´t get how or why.

I´ve pushed the full code here ( https://github.com/BolverBlitz/BulkSteamKeyQueueActivator ) currently it doesn´t anything but logging in.

This is my output and config file. I don´t know why it logs in :(

Any help or enlightenment would be nice, or a nudge to the docs to clear this up for me. I´m sorry if i just overlooked something...

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