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Hello ?
I have developing own friends website. That used for steam CS:GO skin tradeoffer between friends. But i can't automate tradeoffers. Is there any solution make steam tradeoffers between steam users p2p. Like Dmarket etc.. This type of markets only authenticate users using Steam OpenID Authentication. But steam TradeOffer unofficial "https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/send" endpoint is required steamLoginSecure JWT token cookie. How they still can doing tradeoffers between users p2p only authenticate using OpenID. OpenID can't return any sensitive data like token or jwt. Or this type of markets hijacking and get tokens or cookies ? Any replies will be appreciated :)

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tradeoffers are not able to be sent outside of the steam client application, or the steam offical webpage. its common misconceptions that others tradeoffers can be automated or controlled through the steam web api key, however these endpoints were removed circa may 2022. markets like csgofloat, dmarket, etc, construct the trade url- look into csgotrader auto trade/url params construction. 

its of my concern that the popular market (buff.163.com) is indeed hijacking users login credentials similarly to scam websites with a fake openid authy page. this is highly against steam TOS and breaks many ethical bounds if its true- its just my educated speculation. i dont believe buff to be a scam site regardless.

to clarify, legit markets dont automatically send trades (they instead construct the url params which are validated by the end user on the steam site), the only market i know that automates and controls users trades is buff, and how they do it is at best questionable.

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