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[Question] Guard Code Question


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Hey there, just curious on how I'd be able to bypass the requirement for  the "Steam Guard Code" that needs to be entered upon using this module.

My only use for now is to simply idle hours by using the gamesPlayed function. However, when I start it, it always needs the code, and after about 30 minutes it needs it again.

This is quite inconvenient as I wanted to just host this on a vps to run 24/7, and SFTP on there just to enter a code (especially every 30 mins) is less than ideal.


So, I first figured I could use steam-totp and retrieve my shared_secret from Steam-Desktop-Authenticator (SDA) however I don't like the safety/security factor of SDA. So, what should I do? Should I just get over the SDA security factor, or is there another way to get my shared secret without using 3rd party tools, to bypass the guard code.

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