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Hi, both the `client.getPersonas` method and `client.on('user')` event sometimes returns incorrect info, like online_state and rich_presence.
Would it be better to replace this method with FriendsList.GetFriendsList#1 and listen for user updates in the same way as in Steam chat ?

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Account persona state is online.
The issue happens even on initial getPersonas right after logon. Steam sends info that a user has persona_state 4 (Snooze), but in steam chat the user is Away or Offline.

Are you sure the getPeronas method is identical to the Steam chat method?

As I can see getPersonas trigger ClientRequestFriendData event, when steam chat trigger FriendsList.GetFriendsList#1 event.

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Hi, I noticed that the issue with incorrect information occurs when the bot is running for a long time. I tried calling the getPersonas method on a specific user, it returns null all the time for all properties except the username. After logging in again, this method returns full information for the user.

By the way, the problem sometimes occurs with specific users, most users still update correctly with full information. I mean 90% of users get updates properly and 10% of users return all properties as null until I restart script and full relog an account.

Do you know why this is happening and how can I fix it?

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Hi, I have updates about the issue.

I opened steam chat, there is a user with online state In-game, I called getPersonas method from my script for the user, it returned all properties as null, and in steam chat this user also goes offline. When I called client.relog() method, it updates the user information in both the script and the chat.

Calling setPersona method has no effect.

Do you have any idea how to fix this? Maybe the problem with the auto reconnect?

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