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getInventoryHistory() returning "Error: Malformed page: no trade found"


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I just started using this module and I'm having trouble getting Steam inventory history. The following code always returnsĀ "Error: Malformed page: no trade found":

        // set options for the inventory history request
        const options = {
            direction: 'past', // retrieve trades that occurred further in the past than startTime
            resolveVanityURLs: true, // resolve custom profile URLs to Steam IDs
        // make the API request to retrieve the inventory history data
        community.getInventoryHistory(options, (err, history) => {
            if (err) {
            // print the inventory history to the console
            console.log(`Inventory history (${history.trades.length} trades):`);
            for (const trade of history.trades) {
                console.log(`- ${trade.date.toISOString()}: Traded with ${trade.partnerName}`);
                console.log(`  Received: ${trade.itemsReceived.map(item => item.name).join(', ')}`);
                console.log(`  Given: ${trade.itemsGiven.map(item => item.name).join(', ')}`);

Does anyone know why this might be happening? TYIA

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Thanks for your reply. Everyone who's written Steam APIs seems to conflate trade history and inventory history. I'm really after complete inventory history; unfortunately, trade history doesn't account for market transactions. I suppose some combination of the two might be my only option.

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