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404 Error on acceptConfirmationForObject


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I've been using some of your libraries that are really nice to work with. I have an automatic trade validation system, where the trade is sent with the steam-tradeoffer-manager lib, then confirmed (2FA) with the steamcommunity lib like this :

this.SteamUser.community.acceptConfirmationForObject(process.env.TRADE_IDENT_SEC, offer.id, (err) => { ... })

It has always been smoothly working, but a few weeks ago, it began to throw 404s (through the "err" parameter), see the screenshot with the logs.

Error: HTTP error 404
    SteamCommunity._checkHttpError (/home/sys_/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/http.js:108:9)
    Request._callback (/home/sys_/node_modules/steamcommunity/components/http.js:50:61)

And Sentry is reporting this (with hidden values, as I'm not sure what is secret & what isn't), resulting in a 404 error.

GET https://steamcommunity.com/mobileconf/conf?p=android%{SOMETHING-LIKE-UUID}&a=765611{0000000}&k={SOME-RANDOM-CHARS}%3D&t=168800000&m=android&tag=conf [404]


I tried to check on this forum, GitHub, ... it was mentioned that there had been changes with Steam 2FA, but I'm unusure about what needs to be done, etc. So, I'm asking if you know what's wrong (maybe on my side? steam?), if you have any idea on how to avoid this error?


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