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node-steam-user v4.29.0


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  • Sentry files are no longer used by Steam in favor of machine auth tokens, and related functionality has been removed
    • setSentry() is now deprecated. Use the new machineAuthToken property in logOn() instead.
    • The sentry event is now deprecated. Use the new machineAuthToken event instead.
    • The singleSentryfile option has been removed, since all machine auth tokens are account-specific
    • The dontRememberMachine property in logOn() has been removed
    • If you have been allowing steam-user to automatically manage your sentry files, steam-user will now automatically manage your machine auth tokens, and no change is required from you.
    • If you have been using the sentry event and setSentry() method, changes have been made in a backward-compatible manner, and your code will continue working until version 5, when these deprecated symbols will be removed.
  • Web session cookies are now generated using the new auth system, which should be more reliable going forward

Full Changelog: v4.28.9...v4.29.0

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