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Logging into an account without interrupting existing Steam Network sessions


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Hello, is it possible to login with node-steam-user without interrupting existing steam network sessions? To be more precise, whenever I login with my node-steam-user script, I can see steam notifying me about friends coming online, since I basically get disconnected from my established session and reconnected. This also seems to be causing other problems as well, which is not really ideal. As far as I'm concerned, this doesn't happen when logging from another location using the Steam Client. Although I haven't yet logged in twice from the same location, I'm pretty sure it happens even from other locations from my previous experiences.

EDIT Just did a quick test and yes, this behavior does in fact occur even when logging from a remote location, which means node-steam-user must have something to do with this. (Indeed, this behavior is tied to node-steam-user, since it does not happen when using Steam Client)

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Updated to include results of my testing
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5 hours ago, Dr. McKay said:

If your remote location has the same public IP, then you'd need to change the logonID when you call logOn().

I might be just lost, but how should I do that?

user.logOn( {

  logonID: 123456789

} );

Such code doesn't work, is there anything else I need to do?

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Well, simply said, it doesn't solve the problem. Even with logonID in place, my existing session gets disrupted. To be clear, it isn't closed or anything like that, it's only doing weird stuff like not showing me my online friends etc.


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@Dr. McKay sorry for the delayed update on this matter. I decided the best course of action here is to just record what I mean on tape. On the video you can witness my code, but I did remove the account credentials for the duration of the recording. I'm using traditional accountName and password combination, since I figured a refreshToken might be tied to a specific machine. The code I ran is executed on a machine with a different public IP to mine, yet the disturbance still occurs.



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