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Hi. I don't know much about the module system, so don't judge harshly. In general, authorization is used to create .maFile, but recently Steam started to automatically enable MailGuard (100% - if the profile is complete). This makes it difficult to create a .maFile, because you have to parse the code from the email. But, at the very first authorization, after registering an account - MailGuard is not needed. 

Now the essence of the question - how can I reuse cookies (and is it possible at all), so that I don't need to authorize again?

Cookies are taken after the first authorization when MailGuard is not yet activated

If you can, the code on NodeJs, I will be very much grateful. Thank you

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You can't log on with SteamUser using cookies; they're only for web sessions, which SteamUser isn't using. SteamUser will automatically save your machine authorization as long as local storage is available (which it should be in most cases), but if you need to manually handle machine auths, check out this section in the docs. You can also use a refresh token to log on, which is sort of like SteamUser's version of a cookie. That's documented here.

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