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MailGuard spontaneous activation


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Previously, my software had authorization of a newly registered account followed by saving authorization cookies via the following code:

const client = new (require('steam-user'))({
[`${[[PROXY_TYPE]].toLowerCase()}Proxy`]: [[PROXY_STRING]],

[[COOKIES]] = await(new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
    client.on('webSession', (_, cookies) => {

    client.on('error', reject);

        accountName: [[LOGIN_STEAM]],
        password: [[PASSWORD_STEAM]],

but after some time I noticed that after such authorization - Steam turns on MailGuard spontaneously (if at the same time to fill out the profile, through requests, then turning on MailGuard - 100%).

In the same order of actions, but through emulation (I do everything through BAS) - MailGuard is not spontaneously enabled

I am wondering if there is any way to fix this so that MailGuard is not turned off all the time?

Or, is it possible to do authorization via steam-session, since I get RefreshToken after registering an account?

Here's an example of Steam's response after registering:


Many thanks!

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Removed PII refresh token
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