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startWithCredentials no longer working with sentryfile hashes?


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I was hoping to be able to login using my old sentryfile through steam-session and then grab a JWT for use going forward but it looks like requests made with the sentryhash are still triggering a steamguard email code. Anything obvious I'm doing wrong here? I know Steam are phasing out sentry files, maybe I'm too late to do this. This sentry file works on an old Steam client from 2022 

function readSentryFile() {
  const sentry = readFileSync(argv.sentry)
  let hash = createHash('sha1');
  return hash.digest(); // buffer contains a Buffer

async function getAuthToken(accountName: string, password: string) {

let session = new LoginSession(EAuthTokenPlatformType.SteamClient)

let startResult = await session.startWithCredentials({ accountName, password, steamGuardMachineToken: readSentryFile()}) 




is still returning with 


  actionRequired: true,
  validActions: [ { type: 2, detail: 'gmail.com' } ]


EDIT: node-steam-user had been happy with the sentry file up until about a week ago (17th October I predict). The bot was using an out of date version of node-steam-user and was seemingly just hanging on login attempt, after updating to the last v4 version it prompted for a steam code (although I see in the documentation you've removed support for this). I was just hoping node-steam-session might help me migrate away from the sentryfile for good

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