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MailGuard spontaneous activation (part 2)


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Hi. I've created a similar topic before (https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/4610-mailguard-spontaneous-activation/#comment-12157), but now the question has changed a bit. I noticed this peculiarity: after registering an account, if you log in via the web (normal browser) - MailGuard is not enabled, but if you do it via the client - it is automatically enabled.

The difference of the question from the previous topic: it used to be enabled even after logging in via web (regular browser), but the problem was solved by logging in via refresh_token through steam-session with further obtaining of cookies. 

Now I would like to know if it is possible to do something similar with the client, so that when logging in MailGuard is not activated arbitrarily?

I realize that this is not a module problem, but I couldn't find a better place for this question :(

Thanks in advance for the answer!

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On 11/7/2023 at 8:27 PM, Dr. McKay said:

Probably not. Historically, logging into the client after verifying your email is what auto-enabled Steam Guard and there's no way around that.

My issue is basically me creating an account with no steam guard enabled manually, using it with the package to login and save refresh tokens all good, I report one user and it automatically enables steam guard on that account, any idea how to go around that? Yes, I'm trying to fix this since the post above.

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