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  • BREAKING STEAM CHANGE Mobile confirmation is now required to create a Web API key
    • It is now required to have a Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator in order to create a Web API key
    • getWebApiKey() no longer attempts to register an API key if your account doesn't yet have one
    • getWebApiKey() still works for retrieving your account's existing API key
    • createWebApiKey() has been added to handle creating a new Web API key
      Full Changelog: v3.47.1...v3.48.0

Ramifications of This Change

  • You now need to enable mobile 2FA to create a Web API key
  • You can disable mobile 2FA after your key has been created, and it will keep working
  • getWebApiKey() works as before if your account already has a key created, but does not attempt to register a key if you don't yet have one
  • If you have a script that prepares new accounts for use (e.g. enables 2FA, sets up profile), then you should call createWebApiKey() as part of that script, after enabling 2FA.
  • Any code which consumes getWebApiKey() will work as before, provided you create your API key before attempting to call it

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