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@Dr. McKay
Hello! Mine acceptAllConfirmations started to throw "Invalid authenticator" on my windows machine.
I ran "npm update" it didn't help.
It still works on linux server. Internet said it can be a problem with system time but it's synced and I haven't changed timezones, so not sure what to do.
What can cause this error?



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"It looks like your Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is providing incorrect Steam Guard codes. This could be caused by an inaccurate clock or bad timezone settings on your device. If your time settings are correct, it could be that a different device has been set up to provide the Steam Guard codes for your account, which means the authenticator on this device is no longer valid."

My identity secret is the same on server setup, local machine and my SDA app, so it must be the time, but I have the same time and time zone on my local machine as on the server.

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People report that they get this error when their phones language isn't set to English. I have a non-English Windows, not sure if that can be changed without re-installation.
Does TOTP uses locales somewhere under the hood?

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