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Can I access Steam Web API resources with a node-steam-user session?


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is it possible to access Steam Web API resources which require authentication through the API key with an active node-steam-user session that was established and authenticated through username and password? I'm talking about the resource https://api.steampowered.com/ISteamUser/GetPlayerBans/v1/ as one example but it seems there are more API endpoints that require an API key and I would like to avoid the manual process of setting up an API key for the sake of automation since I already am at a point where I successfully log in to the steam network through the wonderful node-steam-user package.

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Not really. Some WebAPI methods allow you to use an access token (which is the same as a steamLoginSecure cookie without the SteamID prefix), but not all. GetPlayerBans is not an API method that accepts an access token, so you do need an API key for that.

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I take it then it's also not possible to fetch the Steam Web API Key via a connection to the Steam network through node-steam-user, node-steam-user or node-steam-session either, right? It seems like I'm out of luck in this case then.

Thanks for the quick response though.

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No, you'd have to register one using the web page at https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey or node-steamcommunity's createWebApiKey method.

If you're calling methods that aren't account-specific (e.g. GetPlayerBans returns the same data for everyone, nothing is specific to your account) then you could register one API key and use it for everything, but I don't know if that meets your specific needs.

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