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Very high RAM usage?

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I want to get one field from product info for almost all Steam apps (around 200k), and save it to my DB.
My code looks something like that:

const client = new SteamUser();
const appIdList = []/*Just an array with app ids*/;
const appListForDB = [];
const chunkSize = 1000;
for (let i = 0; i < appIdList.length; i += chunkSize) {
  const chunk = appIdList.slice(i, i + chunkSize);
  let result = await client.getProductInfo(chunk, [], false);
  const apps = result.apps;
  for (const key in apps) {
    const appInfo = apps[key].appinfo;
    /*Populating list for DB, it has an app id and a game executable string*/

/*Logging Off*/

/*Inserting values to DB*/

I split app id list into chunks, but the RAM usage is just building up after each chunk. So no garbage collected. I even tried to remove all DB related stuff, and RAM usage is still building up (so I think it's the "SteamUser" fault).
Is it normal behavior and I just need more RAM, or something can be done to make it work within ~200 MB RAM usage?

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Okay. But I did the same in C# with SteamKit2 and RAM usage is around 400 MB (against 2 GB+ with your lib in Node). I guess, Node is different with RAM usage?
I don't know much about Node and JS in general, so my question may sound dumb...

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