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Purpose of ID Events and how to listen for them?


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Hi There,


I understand what ID events do, emitting the event with a suffix eg #steamid. My main question is what's the purpose of this? Second question is how would you listen for it? (given that it would be impractical to hardcode a steamid)


Thanks in advance

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Please post in the correct board next time. I've moved your topic.


An ID event is a special kind of event specific to steam-user where both the base event and the event suffixed with the SteamID of the relevant account are emitted. For example, if I sent you a chat message, both friendMessage and friendMessage#76561198006409530 would be emitted. Listening for the latter event is mostly useful for when you only care about one specific user. For example, you might hardcode a listener for friendMessage#yoursteamid to listen for admin commands (or perhaps something like on('friendMessage#' + config.adminSteamID)).

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