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Hi folks, I'm trying to work with the Global Offensive API for node.js, and am rather lost.


Here's what I'm trying to do:

I want to log into a bot Steam account that is online when the node is running, and then monitor the match status of the account's friends. 

I'm doing this so I could have the bot friend my account and the accounts of all my friends, and then when I call function:

matchStatus('friend's steam username'); it returns what match mode they are playing in, and if they're playing a comp match, what the score is and what team they're on.

I'm going to call the method through a different node, the discord.js node. Using that api, I've set up a bot that will detect when someone types in the group chat: " matchStatus 'steam username' " and execute a function as a result. Using this, I should be able to interact with the global offensive node as long as I initiate them both in the same .js file?

I should be able to work out most of the code on my own, I'm just having trouble getting the global offensive node running in the first place with a bot account. If someone had some example code of this, it would go a long way.


I really appreciate any advice and help anyone on here can offer, and for taking the time to respond to this,


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