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  2. Thanks. Is it possible to log into the client via proxy? Is it possible to use client.gamesplayed with proxy? Is it possible to play game/idle in-game hours with proxy? Is it possible to check what is the IP that the bot is connecting with Steam? "client.publicIP"?
  3. You don't need to log into the client to send or receive trade offers, no. You can use a proxy like: const SteamUser = require('steam-user'); let user = new SteamUser({ httpProxy: 'http://user:[email protected]:5678' });
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  5. Hello, Please tell me if I am right. BOT logs into Steam in two stages. Stage 1: BOT logs into Steam Network/Steam Client. Stage 2: BOT logs into Steam community. I know how to connect bot to Steamcommunity using proxy, but how can I make BOT log in to Steam Netwok/Steam client using proxy? Is it possible to send and receive trade offers without logging BOT to steam client? Does Steam bot always have to log in to Steam client? " "Current Steam Login" will always be displayed when the bot logs in to the account?
  6. I've applied this pull request https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-tf2/pull/17 on the fork i've created and my issue is solved. Would be great if you could merge it.
  7. About the only difference Steam would notice is a desktop browser user-agent instead of the app's user-agent. But I've been doing this for years and it's been fine for me.
  8. Violating Steam terms of service. Sending and receiving a lot of one-sided offers.
  9. can I ask, what reason of ban? and what you were doing on them?
  10. Hello, I ran a BOT and it had 40 steam accounts connected to it. All of my 40 accounts were banned in the same time. How can Steam detect and link those accounts among each other? I was using: - Each account was registered via different IP. - Each account had unique phone number, email, password, name, etc. - Funds were added via Steam gift cards or paysafecard codes. - Each account was logging to Steam via proxy. Each account had different IP. - I was logging to accounts via web browser with VPN (different iP's), incognito mode, cleared cookies each time. Even though those safety precautions all accounts were banned at once. How could accounts be linked? EMachineIDType - it should be probably set to "None". What else can I improve? Please give me some suggestions.
  11. Your setup looks great and simple for what I need, I may end up using that too. I quickly reviewed your code and I think it should be fine but it cost nothing to ask : From Steam's point of view, is there any difference between doing this and doing the manual confirmation with the app? Because as I said I'm trying to avoid being trade banned at all cost so I'm not using anything that could make me looks like a bot. I don't see any api call to Steam so I guess it's fine beside maybe accessing to /mobileconf/conf with a desktop browser.
  12. Using two different apps for 2FA tends to cause problems, so I don't recommend it. Uninstalling the Steam app from your phone will probably fix your WinAuth issues. There's no reason you couldn't use my libraries to write your own auto-confirm script thing, although I don't recommend it. My personal setup is a Steam Two-Factor Server with the complementary user script. With this setup, whenever I send or accept a trade offer, the browser window just automatically goes to the confirmations page where I can confirm the trade. Though on a phone, I think you'd have to use Firefox and install Tampermonkey to get it to work.
  13. Hi, Alright so it's not fully related to the node libraries but I think I can get an answer here. I'm currently using WinAuth to generate my 2FA codes and confirm trades but I also still have the Steam app on my phone which I don't use anymore but haven't uninstalled because I don't want to have the 7 days trade ban when I'll reinstall it. Because of that I only have a few secondes (5 - 20) to confirm my trades before the confirmations disappears so I can't use WinAuth auto-confirm feature since it confirms trades every minutes. So I have two questions : if I uninstall the app from my phone, would it fix it? I tried to disable the app but didn't changed anything. I'm just looking for a way to auto confirm trades and maybe to cancel them after being sent, would it be risky to use your library? I can't risk a trade ban and I'm sticking with WinAuth so far because I haven't had any problem but it's always better to code his own features. Thx!
  14. Earlier
  15. Hey there, today I managed to try out the code and I have another question. I get: SteamID { universe: 1, type: 1, instance: 1, accountid: 92222221 } when using this function: module.exports.IDFetcher = function(link) { const SteamID = require('steamid'); const URL = require('url'); steamid_of_user = SteamID.fromIndividualAccountID(URL.parse(link, true).query.partner); return steamid_of_user; } So while it gives me the account id, it doesn't convert it to a SteamID, which is something I don't know how to do. I have also tried inputting account id's into SteamID.fromIndividualAccountID but still get an object with what I input.
  16. manager.on('receivedOfferChanged', function (offer) { if (offer.state === TradeOfferManager.ETradeOfferState.Accepted) { delete(tf2.backpack); tf2 = new TeamFortress2(client); client.gamesPlayed([440], true); } }); Didn't make any difference, I guess. I don't know how to properly catch memory leaks but I guess there's something to do with the lib itself. Snapshot 1 is taken while the bot is in idle state, TF2 client was initialized and then killed. (95MB) Snapshot 2 is taken after the bot has finished processing an offer and initialized a new tf2 client (deleted tf2.backpack before that), ran the currencyMaintainer, killed 440. (139MB) Snapshot 3 is the same cycle as snapshot 2. (150MB, ~11MB diff)
  17. I suppose before you overwrite the variable, you could try deleting the backpack property.
  18. I can send you my full source if needed, however; everything is fine if i reinitialize the tf2 class just before starting 440 again: Is there anything we can do to fix the memory leak? I'm almost sure it's not caused on my end because I didn't experience any memory leaks before doing this. (The bot ran like that for like 4 months without restarting on limited resources)
  19. I'm sorry, I don't think I can really help you much more with this. I haven't seriously touched any GC-related code in a good while, and the most I could do is experiment, which it seems is what you're doing anyway.
  20. I did try after posting that message, forgot to inform you; sorry. It seems I'm not connected to GC after restarting the 440, I've tried to run my currencyMaintain function with itemAcquired and itemRemoved events but they won't get triggered anymore after restarting 440. (Same situation with backpackLoaded event)
  21. I don't see any reason why you couldn't try to craft without having received your backpack contents, assuming you are connected to the GC.
  22. It's not about the inventory contents, TF2 client should be initialized properly in order to use the craft method, right? Can I still use the craft method after killing and restarting the 440, while it didn't emit the backpackLoaded event for the second time? Additionally, backpackLoaded gets triggered if I reinitialize the tf2 class just before relaunching 440 but I get like ~+25MB memory leak which is caused by the lib (I guess) every time I do this. (not on a new variable, I overwrite the variable which is declared on the global scope)
  23. I couldn't find the answer just looking it up on your site and google, so hopefully this helps anyone with the same question in the future. Thank you very much!
  24. const SteamID = require('steamid'); const URL = require('url'); let link = 'https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=46143802&token=aaaaaaaa'; let steamid = SteamID.fromIndividualAccountID(URL.parse(link, true).query.partner);
  25. GCs don't really tend to like it when you launch and quit the game frequently. If you don't want to stay in TF2 all the time, you're probably better off getting your inventory from steamcommunity or steam-tradeoffer-manager rather than node-tf2.
  26. Here, the bot started the TF2 client on the initial launch and it triggered the backpackLoaded event. currencyMaintain class did it's job as we can see with "2020-02-06 13:27:28: ℹ info Smelting 1 refined to obtain 3 reclaimed (current reclaimed: 3)" After that, the bot stopped playing TF2 which is what I wanted. I took some metals from the bot's inventory so the currencyMaintain class will work when backpackLoaded gets triggered but it does not get triggered even it did launch the TF2 client again with the receivedOfferChanged event.
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