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  1. last year this worked, If your phone is rooted you can use ES File Explorer to copy the files from your internal memory: data/data/com.valvesoftware.android.steam.community/ To your card, and then to your computer then open the files with your steamid in the name with notepad and find the identity_secret in the text -------- The other way, which is much easier, but requires you to remove the guard and set it back up. Requires using a windows program called WinAuth (it generates auth tokens and you can confirm trades with it, i use it with all my accounts, but im not endorsing the product here, im just giving another option how to get identity secret ) So remove the guard from your phone, then set it up using WinAuth (remember to write down your recovery code, and set a good password to protect your details) 7 Day trade hold starts here Then when its set, you just right click on your acc in winauth click "Show Steam Guard and Recovery Key" that will tell you all the info a, shared secret, identity secret, recovery code and more WinAuth saves stuff in the registry, so do a regular backup (export) just in case.
  2. I didnt want to submit an issue, because i dont know if its by design. By default the language for the steam-tradeoffer-manager is not set If somebody wants to set it, they need to set it up manually var SteamTradeOfferManager = require("steam-tradeoffer-manager"); manager = new SteamTradeOfferManager({"language": "en"}) ---- When the language is not set, some properties of the trade offer are not accurate. itemsToGive and itemsToReceive show the correct appid, contextid, assetid and classid which is important however marketable, commodity and market restrictions are showing wrong info, all those are false (0). i understand that setting up language will show different descriptions and names in some regions. and by not setting the language, you dont get extra info, which saves bandwidth, and speeds up things. So maybe its useful to set the language to "en" by default.
  3. ok man tnx, i guessed its one of the two. Tnx for making the stuff yeah steam inventory helper also works when the browser is not active (runs in the background to watch for trade offers and other stuff) but i got paranoid and switched it off for a while.
  4. Hi everyone i have been using steamcommunity, steam-user, steam-totp and steam-tradeoffer-manager for my bot (it is a card trading bot) This morning i opened to check if the bot missed some of the trades on the trade offers page and i got a captcha there saying that im requesting the trade offer page a lot of times. my bot is set to check for trades each 45 seconds, and confirms each 45 seconds, and after that it does a 5 minute check up (just in case it missed some of the trades) did anyone had similar issues? Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/fqmbpt0.jpg I did the captcha and increased the bot times (slowed it down) , and after 5 minutes the same thing appeared, im using enhanced steam and steam inventory helper. but that thing appeared when i opened the browser. So did anyone had similar problems? should i be worried. I shut it down for a while
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