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  1. Does anybody have any "list_of_subs=" parm from a coupon is based on? Or anybody got any idea on how to know which games a coupon comes from without searching the market?
  2. https://i.imgur.com/uQsOqNm.png thats what am looking for meant non steam game.
  3. Title says it all. How would i go about checking if a steamid64 is your friend? am having some crashing issues with my bot attempting to message non friends.
  4. but you can't get the non-ingame name of a game? am talking about what games the user is current playing
  5. You sure there isn't something like new SteamID("STEAMID").getGames() ? am not asking for API methods. asking inside the doctormckay steam community section
  6. -Turns out this was due to the new steam settings of people not updating to public ^^ /Closed?
  7. How do you get the current gameS of you and your friends? (including non-steam game)
  8. how would i go about loading somebodies inventory without being logged into an account? is that even possible?
  9. great thanks -no idea how to go about lowering the memory footprint when loading inventories?
  10. any idea of what todo to lower the memory footprint of the bot? it's quite a profit killer having to pay for major memory servers And what is required from the item to be submitted to a trade? can i just submit the asset id or?
  11. https://www.npmjs.com/package/line-by-line beside that i could also only keep the required things, haven't done any testing of this yet as i need the page thing first guessing you rly only need the assetid of the item and some other basic info or something -is there a way to load the inventory page by page? or nah?
  12. Hello am trying to reduce the memory footprint of my bot. it's hitting 4-6gb at times quite high. Most of it happens on inventory loading so my idea was if there was a way to load the inventory page by page and store the data in files rather than server memory is there anything in this that can load an inventory page by page?
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