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  1. I think the reason for mine was because of my friends account who wanted to idle his card. I ran his account without knowing that the account was family-view protected.
  2. I'm not using any deprecated methods. I gave up after 12 hours. I just made a snapshot and transferred to another vps
  3. Just since 8 hours ago, my bot stop working, it does not accept trade-offers. so when I tried to restart it, I get stuck in setCookies() portion, it gives error 403. I logged in my accounts, check community market, I can purchase just fine. Checked badge pages, can craft just fine. It seems all of my accounts that I idle in ASF stopped working too.
  4. Hi, how do I set that I'm playing a custom game in my profile. I tried placing the string first but still goes online and shows as playing a game with the first integer in my array client.gamesPlayed(["some string here", 730, 440, ..., ....]); edit: I made it work by via this: let x = "some string here"; let y = x.toString(); client.gamesPlayed([y, 730, 440, ..., ....]);
  5. Is it even possible to disable twofactor of other accounts? I got dozens of accounts and I want to disable a specific account's twofactor using only the main account being logged on. I got all of their Rxxxxx codes. I want to know if it's possible before I dive in logging them in one by one.
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