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  1. I'm pretty sure this should never happen: But it did, so maybe the package needs an extra check?
  2. Did your bot accept the offer and then cancelled it or just cancelled it?
  3. parsed_items.forEach(function (item) { offer.received_items.forEach(function (rec_item) { if(rec_item.assetid == item.assetid) { item.assetid = rec_item.new_assetid; } }); }); I use this code to update the AssetIDs when a trade my bot sent gets it status changed to Accepted. parsed_items contains information about items that the bot used to create the trade. I believe that sometimes this code doesn't do it's job, because the bot can't find the item in the inventory, am I doing something wrong here?
  4. Hello, Do assetIDs change while the item is in your inventory? (Without trading it to anyone)
  5. After doing offer.send(), I use this function : setTimeout(confirm2FA, 5000, offer.id, 0); function confirm2FA(offerID,tries) { return new Promise((resolve, reject) => { community.acceptConfirmationForObject(config.coinflip.identitySecret, offerID, (err) => { if (err) { if(tries < 2) { tries++; setTimeout(confirm2FA, 25000, offerID, tries); reject('Offer confirmation 2FA: ' + err); } else { console.log("couldnt confirm"); } } else { console.log("confirmed"); resolve(true); // Offer is confirmed by 2FA } }); }); } and I get rate limited (error 429) pretty often, what am I doing wrong? (It usually confirms on the 3rd time)
  6. Hello, How do I make my bot send trade offers to people, only if there is no trade-hold?
  7. Does steam-user npm provide this functionality?
  8. Hello, I have this code: community.on('sessionExpired', err => client.webLogOn()); ant it causes this error: Error: Cannot log onto steamcommunity.com without first being connected to Steam network 0|app | at SteamUser.webLogOn (/var/www/html/new_bot/node_modules/steam-user/components/web.js:10:9) What am I doing incorrectly?
  9. offer.send((err,status) => { if(err) { console.log(err); if(err.eresult != undefined && err.eresult != null) { if (err.eresult == 15) { *redisrem* *some math* refundPlayer(offerToSend.steamid64, balance); return false; } } *socket stuff* if(err.eresult != undefined && err.eresult != null) { *redisrem* setOfferStatus(offerToSend.id, 0, 'Steam error ' + err.eresult); //<--- This is the line where it always crashes. } else { *redisrem* } *some math* refundPlayer(offerToSend.steamid64,balance); } How can err be null in here?
  10. Sometimes when I make an offer, I get this error: 0|app | Error: Invalid input SteamID 0 0|app | at new TradeOffer (/var/www/html/new_bot/node_modules/steam-tradeoffe r-manager/lib/classes/TradeOffer.js:20:9) EDIT: Nevermind, I forgot to check if the user entered his trade-link.
  11. Thanks for the answer! I'm still having problems with eResult tho, the example that I showed in my post, doesn't seem to work. It says "TypeError: Cannot read property 'eresult' of null" But then also there's this:
  12. I got 1 more question: Is that the correct way to use isGlitched()?: offer.accept((err, status) => { if(err) { console.log(err); console.log(err.eresult); if(err.eresult == 15) { do somthing } if(offer.isGlitched()) { offer.decline(); } } Or should I check it before trying to accept it?
  13. What's the point of your acceptOffer() function? Just do offer.accept() Also, you need to check if the offer was accepted successfully. https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-tradeoffer-manager/wiki/TradeOffer#acceptskipstateupdate-callback Check stuff like "getExchangeDetails" out.
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