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  1. If I have buy orders in the steam community market, how can I get their details (asset ids, and how many we bought) when they are bought? Thanks in advance
  2. Here's an example: function updateDescription(description) { community.editProfile({ summary: description }, (err) => { if (err) { setTimeout(() => { this.updateDescription(description); }, 5000); // retry after 5 seconds if there was an error } else { console.log("Description changed to " + description); } }); } updateDescription("Hi"); // changes description to Hi
  3. This isn't the forum for this but Friends/old friends can be seen through here: https://steamid.uk/ (provided there profile is/was public) Inventory can be seen through: https://backpack.tf and https://csgo.backpack.tf.
  4. You're not meant to use the method I gave in conjunction with the confirmation checker. The confirmation checker (in simple terms) works by telling Steam every X seconds: "Hey, I wanna confirm everything waiting to be confirmed". It will tell steam even if there is nothing waiting to be confirmed thus the load it puts on servers - imagine loads of bots doing this. Whereas the method I put tells steams servers: "Hey, I wanna confirm this specific trade". Therefore, it only tells steam when there is something to be confirmed.
  5. Limited accounts are not allowed to prevent overload e.g. say someone makes a bunch of bots and then spams reqeusts to steam - all for free as well. API keys - verify the user requesting is not limited and see/track who is making the calls and how many.
  6. Do npm install -g steam-user which installs it globally. Otherwise, you just didn't install it in the first place, like doc said.
  7. Using a confirmation checker puts unnecessary load on steam's servers. After receiving or sending a trade offer, obtain the offer's ID and then call this method: community.acceptConfirmationForObject('YOUR_IDENTITY_SECRET', 'OFFER ID', (err) => { if (err) { console.log(err); } // code here })
  8. community.on('sessionExpired', function(err) { client.webLogOn(); //relogin to Steam or refresh tradeoffer-manager cookies })
  9. You aren't friends with the other user and you didn't provide a trade token The provided trade token was wrong You are trying to send or receive an item for a game in which you or the other user can't trade (e.g. due to a VAC ban) You are trying to send an item and the other user's inventory is full for that game
  10. Your webSession must have expired. community.on('sessionExpired', function(err) { client.webLogOn(); //relogin to Steam or refresh tradeoffer-manager cookies })
  11. if (message.includes("[tradeoffer")) { return } Put this before your switch case.
  12. Adding to doc's answer, you may find this of use, with regards to where to extract the details from - created by Nicklason.
  13. vrtgn

    Sell items

    What is your code? / What are you attempting? Have you checked typos? Do you know what a error 400 response is? Although there is not much documentation, these things can easily be searched up which is fundamental for a coder. Quick google search got me these links which might be of help to you: NPM module for selling items on steam (cannot guarantee its trust - use at your own risk) Steam Community Discussion (steam community discussion about the api) SCMBot (again whether this is trustworthy or not, i can't guarantee, use at your own risk)
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