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  1. I have this problem: My bot: bot.js Config.js Help pls
  2. Hi, I will send someone a line to my autobuos, so that the bot will buy me the item as it will be at a given price on steam
  3. Siezek1


    Hi, if someone can explain to me / help with translating the bot into another language, I mean that the bot was in two languages, eg the command is !Help and so that it can be translated into another language by command, that is, write the command !En I all commands and bot change language to English and vice versa.
  4. Siezek1

    Idle items TF2

    Hello, is it possible to write a bot that will receive every day items from Tf2, or bot that will enter the server iddle in Tf2? How can you do a guide to this?
  5. Hi, I have a bot problem. I can not idolize a few games at once, I can only go to Tf2, if I want another free game and I can not do it, why? My code: client.logOn(logOnOptions); client.on('loggedOn', () => { console.log('Zalogowano!'); client.setPersona(SteamUser.EPersonaState.Online); client.gamesPlayed(["Siezek To Kozak!"],440); });
  6. Siezek1


    Hi, I will send someone a line to my autobuos, so that the bot will buy me the item as it will be at a given price on steam
  7. Hi, give me a line of code to let my bot write a comment to friends for adding it to a friend? And if it's possible, it's a line of code with an option, like a bot friend writing a command to him, for example! Rep bot writes him in the comment "+ rep" Thank You EDIT: Repaired
  8. OK, thank you works, I downloaded any package.json and the bot works. Thank you for your help
  9. So I have to change this package.json to package-lock.json and create package.json separately? How would you help me do the package.json?
  10. Look, this is my bot. I just deleted the config.json file so that no one would see my login and passwordbotsteam1-master.zip
  11. Where should I install it? I already installed it once before putting it on hosting
  12. Hi, I did as you asked and did not work out, this is my logssteambot123-console-1563725456224.txtsteambot123-console-1563725562373.txtsteambot123-console-1563728421221.txt
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