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  1. Inventory is an array of items, you can use .filter() over the collection to keep just the item(s) you need. An excerpt from my bot code: static isGems(item) { return '753-Gems' === item.market_hash_name; } static isSackOfGems(item) { return '753-Sack of Gems' === item.market_hash_name; } Then, just use the .amount property to decide how many items you want to add to the trade for those which are stackeable like gems or sack of gems.
  2. Yeah, Steam changed chat ratelimit few days ago, now my text is too large for new limit. client.chat.sendFriendMessage(sender, response, {includesBbCode: true}); Oh already saw the new release, ty for the fix! <3 good job PS: Isn't includesBbCode true by default?
  3. Sending same message manually does not reproduce the issue :S
  4. I'm facing an strange error while sending big messages using /pre tag (see attached image) I haven't be able to determine de root cause checking your actual source code on github. But, sending the same message manually using steam client seems not to reproduce the error, it seems the problem is caused but steam-user module itself You can check the live demo at my bot: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199096164013/ STEPS TO REPRODUCE: 1.- Add the above account 2.- Type !help at its chatroom Relate Source Code: https://pastebin.com/raw/qrS9jgYD Is it my fault? I'm doing something bad? Help is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, is it possible to unpack sack of gems received from an accepted trade offer?
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