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  1. Hi my bot is at a pretty stable state where i can leave it running over night. But sometimes i see "Steam Guard App Code: ". Everything works fine but i am still curiouse to know why and when the happens.
  2. Hi i got this error: throw new Error("Cannot log onto steamcommunity.com without first being connected to Steam network"); it caused my bot to crash. But i didnt came on startup it came after the bot was already running for multiple minutes, so it was already logged in. Maybe it tried to log in again since the session was expired or some thing like that. I hope you can help me
  3. Hi i need all cookies after i logged into steam for a third party login. But i am missing the steamRememberLogin Cookie. Is there a way to generate it since the first part is the steam id. Maybe the second part is something i can get too? Or are there condisions for it to be generated by steam? I hope you can help me thanks
  4. Hi so I know I probybly annoy you with this loggin questions but do you know anythink about this login request: and espacially about the parameters it contains? I really hope you can help me since this is probably the last and biggest challenge i have got left
  5. But the error must be there. I recreated the Browser requests using Postman and let everything the same exept of the password. This i encryted again with the new rsa key and than pasted this together with the new timestamp in the body of the dologin request. I know i am probably annoying you but i have been working on this for so long. Once it worked a little bit. I just used your code and added in the cookies that i had to sent with the rsa- and loginrequests. But i only got the steamLoginSecure and steamMachineAuth but not the steamRememberLogin Cookie. And i had another Question i never tri
  6. Is there anythink special about the rsa key request? specially with the dates? I still get the invalid password or username error. But the encrypted password looks fine. I was wondering if the rsa key was correct and tryed to play around with the donotcache dates. (UTC or my local time etc.) But sadly still no luck
  7. I want the Cookies for a third party site login method but i just realised that i probably cant use the same.
  8. Hi so finally found what i was looking for. I just need the Cookies you get from oAuthLogin() but for that i need steamguard and the oAuthToken but those i get from the login methode. But i dont login via Community. I log in via node steam user and than do the setCookies(). Is there a way to do it the other way? Login via Community and set Cookies in User? Or is there an other way to get the Cookies?
  9. It worked for a while but now i get the invalid pw error again. Am i doing something wrong? function get_rsa_key(){ return new Promise((resolve,reject)=>{ fetch("https://steamcommunity.com/login/getrsakey/", { "headers": { "accept": "*/*", "accept-language": "de-DE,de;q=0.9,en-US;q=0.8,en;q=0.7", "content-type": "application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=UTF-8", "sec-fetch-dest": "empty", "sec-fetch-mode": "cors", "sec-fetch
  10. I guess it dosnt work that well xD. In the brwoser steam does these transver requests and i also found them in the java script i got from steam but i cant understand the functions. Can someone help me maybe you see somethink i didnt get. these are the requests from the browser and here are the methodes CLoginPromptManager.TransferLogin = function( rgURLs, parameters, fnOnComplete ) { var bOnCompleteFired = false; var fnFireOnComplete = function( bSuccess ) { if ( !bOnCompleteFired ) fnOnComplete
  11. Thank you so much. I sat on this for the past 5 days and bearly slept. But now it works i dont know why i just did everythink all over again and used your code as an example. I love you so much
  12. I know this it not the rigth topic for this forum. But i thought you ,McKay or somebody else could help me. I try to login to steam via httprequest. For examlpe to emulate a login to a third party site to get the cookies for the site. I got everythink working so far but when i do the login i get invalid pw or username. I think the error is that I dont encrypt the password right. But i cant find a solution online. There are some topics in forums but nobody answers them. Here are some post that you know what i mean. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/27090326/php-steam-bot-how-to-login-to
  13. Okay thanks for your help. But the your first point, i have read this post and i had the feeling that i had the same issues, because when websession ist emitted it should log "New cookies" or somethink like that but it never happened it logged "session expired" when session expired was emitted but never got the new cookies but i will take a look and try it again. Thank you so much for your help
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