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  1. I see... By any chance you know what exactly trigger this "stacking"
  2. Hey, looks like there is an "event" on steam inventories that happens with few games (like rust) which is when items get stacked. I was thinking if it's possible to handle this event somewhere, so we have a way to keep track of the assetids. Link of the screenshot: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/STEAMID/inventoryhistory/ Event:
  3. So for example if steam goes down on tuesday for maintenance I just need to keep trying to call webLogOn? I don't need to login again? If so when would re-login be necessary Thank you for your time so far
  4. Hey Simple not sure if you still have this problem, but seems like Steam auto stack rust items whenever they feel like it, looks like it's more frequent when you have a higher volume of trade/more items in the inventory. Don't think there is a way to control this behavior
  5. Hey, I've been working on a steam bot and randomly when the bot disconnects and tries to reconnect it doesn't work. Even after I get loggedOn event if I run community.loggedIn I get false. Do I need to redeclare TradeOfferManager and SteamCommunity objects after SteamUser relogin? This is my reconnect code: setInterval(() => { this.community.loggedIn((err, loggedIn) => { if (err) { if (err.message === 'HTTP error 502') return if (err.message === 'HTTP error 500') return return console.log('[Check] error.', err) }
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