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  1. But steam-user inviteToGroup works fine. Though earlier inviteUserToGroup worked as it should.Can you tell me why ?
  2. I so understand I need to remove "client.logOn" so as there is "autoRelogin" option
  3. My code: client.on('disconnected', (eresult, msg) => { console.log(`Eresult: ${eresult}\nMsg: ${msg}`); setTimeout(() => client.logOn({ "accountName": client.username, "password": client.password }), 10e3); });
  4. By the way, if I understand correctly, one request is enough to disable. steam.on('webSession', (sessionID, cookies) => { let cookiejar = request.jar(); for (let arr of cookies) { cookiejar.setCookie(arr, 'https://store.steampowered.com'); } request({ method: 'POST', uri: 'https://store.steampowered.com/twofactor/manage_action' jar: cookiejar, simple: false, form: { action: 'actuallynone', sessionid: sessionID } }); });
  5. The fact is that before using the module - the protection is disabled, and then for some reason it turns on by itself.
  6. What I did: Register for an account. I authorize on the account without Steam-Guard using nodejs. (All OK.) Then I try to log on to another device using nodejs again. And steam for some reason begins to ask the code.
  7. The first time you log in to your account for some reason turns on Steam-Guard. Why is this happening and can it be avoided ?I'd like to keep my account unprotected.
  8. That's what I'm trying to do, I thought maybe you know. )
  9. If you look at this site then Steam has a limit of maximum 32 games, otherwise why do they have such a limit ? steamtimeidler.com/pricing/
  10. Let's say I play 1000 games at the same time, then I'll have 300 000 hours 2 per weeks ?
  11. How many games can I play at the same time ? What happens if you specify several times the same game ?
  12. Thanks for the reply. And it is impossible to disable ?
  13. Good evening. I noticed that user data is cached. For example: community.getSteamUser(steamID), (err, user) => { console.log(user.groups); }); Will output the same data until I restarted the bot. Is there a way to disable this cache ?
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