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Found 2 results

  1. I know the steam api doesnt have an api to send steam tradeoffers in php how can i send one by trade link? I want to have a site that u Select items to buy and it will send trade offers with those items and wandering how to do it from php with the trade offer link
  2. Hi everyone i have been using steamcommunity, steam-user, steam-totp and steam-tradeoffer-manager for my bot (it is a card trading bot) This morning i opened to check if the bot missed some of the trades on the trade offers page and i got a captcha there saying that im requesting the trade offer page a lot of times. my bot is set to check for trades each 45 seconds, and confirms each 45 seconds, and after that it does a 5 minute check up (just in case it missed some of the trades) did anyone had similar issues? Screenshot http://i.imgur.com/fqmbpt0.jpg I did the captcha and increased the bot times (slowed it down) , and after 5 minutes the same thing appeared, im using enhanced steam and steam inventory helper. but that thing appeared when i opened the browser. So did anyone had similar problems? should i be worried. I shut it down for a while
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