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Sentry file not saved


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I'm trying to implement a login process for my bots, but it seems that the sentry files are not stored within the dataDirectory.


This is my current code:

this.dataDir = 'data/'
this.client = new Steam.CMClient()

this.user = new SteamUser(this.client, {
  promptSteamGuardCode: false,
  dataDirectory: this.dataDir

this.community = new SteamCommunity()

this.user.storage.on('save', (filename, contents, callback) => {
  if (filename.includes('sentry.')) {
    filename = `${this.userName}.sentry`

  fs.writeFile(path.join(this.dataDir, filename), contents, err => {
    if (err) {
      console.error(`Can't write ` + filename + ': ' + err.message)
      return callback(err)


// I implemented the read function respectively

After that I have a couple of other listeners (e.g. webSession).


The issue is, only the cellid-x.txt and servers.json are actually created within the data directory, it seems that I'm not able to receive the sentry file no matter what I do.


I handle the login via the regular logOn() function.

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Ok, I commented out the custom save handler, and set the singleSentryFile to false (even though this should be the default option), and it's not storing the sentry files.


Do the sentries even matter if I'm using the bots with the mobile authenticator?



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