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Getting all comments/activity from a group.


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I am working on a set of tools for group admins, ranging from simple over-time statistics to automatic chat spam banning. As a part of that I have been trying to get all comments on a steam group, to be able to detect spam, but also to create activity statistics. Sadly, the CSteamGroup class of node-steamcommunity does not have that functionality, and the getNotifications function only returns numbers, not the actual comments and their authors.


How would I go about getting what I'm looking for? Is there something I am missing? Or do I really have to scrape the information manually from steamcommunity.com?


Thanks in advance for any input,



PS: I am not getting paid for the project/my work on it.

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There's nothing in the module right now to parse comments.

I am aware of that. I was asking if anyone knew of any alternative modules or methods to get what I'm looking for. I've decided that I'll just scrape the stuff that I need from steamcommunity directly, though.

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