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If I am using this, I still need node-steamcommunity?


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I am working in a steam trade bot just for send offers, not anymore. And have to use node-steamcommunity because I need necessarily the startConfirmationChecker metod.

But I want to use just this module node-steam-user because the maker says this is a improve... the problem is exists the startConfirmationChecker metod in this module? :(

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The different modules are good at different things. steam-user only handles communication with the Steam CM servers. Confirmations don't go through those servers, so you need steamcommunity for that. In my opinion, you should use steam-user, steamcommunity, and steam-tradeoffer-manager for the most robust system.

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I still have another question about it. This is my code:

const startBot = bot => {
  community[bot] = new SteamCommunity()
  tradeManager[bot] = new TradeOfferManager(config.tradeConfig)
  tradeManager[bot].community  = community[bot]
  fs.readFile('polldata_'+bot+'.json', (err, data) => { err ? console.log('no habia polldata') : tradeManager[bot].pollData = JSON.parse(data) })
  community[bot].login({ accountName: config[bot].accountName, password: config[bot].password, twoFactorCode : SteamTotp.getAuthCode(config[bot].sharedSecret) }, (err, sessionID, cookies) => {
    if (!!err) throw console.log('fallo el login:', err)
    tradeManager[bot].setCookies(cookies, err => { err ? process.exit() : console.log('cookies '+bot+':', tradeManager[bot].apiKey) })
    community[bot].startConfirmationChecker(3600000, config[bot].identitySecret)
  community[bot].on('confKeyNeeded', (tag, callback) => callback(null, time, SteamTotp.getConfirmationKey(config[bot].identitySecret, Math.floor(Date.now() / 1000), tag)))
  community[bot].on('confirmationAccepted', confirmation => {
    io.to(offers[confirmation.offerID].socketID).emit('offerResponse', { code: 'confirmationAccepted', offerID: confirmation.offerID })
    console.log('confirmationAccepted', confirmation)/*; socketResponse('confirmationAccepted', confirmation.offerID)*/
  community[bot].on('newConfirmation', confirmation => { console.log('newConfirmation', confirmation) })
  tradeManager[bot].on('sentOfferCanceled', (offer, reason) => socketResponse('sentOfferCanceled', offer.id))
  tradeManager[bot].on('sentPendingOfferCanceled', offer => socketResponse('sentPendingOfferCanceled', offer.id))
  tradeManager[bot].on('pollData', pollData => fs.writeFileSync('polldata_'+bot+'.json', JSON.stringify(pollData)))
  tradeManager[bot].on('pollFailure', err => console.log('error steam API', err))
  tradeManager[bot].on('newOffer', offer => { offer.decline(); console.log('se nos envio una nueva oferta', offer.id) })
  tradeManager[bot].on('unknownOfferSent', offer => { offer.decline(); console.log('se envio oferta sin el manager', offer.id) })
  tradeManager[bot].on('realTimeTradeConfirmationRequired', offer => { offer.decline(); console.log('se envio oferta desde el cliente steam') })
  tradeManager[bot].on('realTimeTradeCompleted', offer => console.log('se completo oferta desde el cliente steam'))
  tradeManager[bot].on('receivedOfferChanged', (offer, oldState) => console.log('receivedOfferChanged', offer.id, TradeOfferManager.ETradeOfferState[oldState], '=>', TradeOfferManager.ETradeOfferState[offer.state]))
  tradeManager[bot].on('sentOfferChanged', (offer, oldState) => {
    if (offer.state == '3') socketResponse('Accepted', offer.id)
    if (offer.state == '11') socketResponse('InEscrow', offer.id)
    if (offer.state == '7') socketResponse('Declined', offer.id)
    if (offer.state == '4') socketResponse('Countered', offer.id)
    if (offer.state == '8') socketResponse('InvalidItems', offer.id)

Then my question is, if my app is just using node-steamcommunity and steam-tradeoffer-manager for what would I need node-steam-user?

Or just doing this:

tradeManager[bot] = new TradeOfferManager(config.tradeConfig)
tradeManager[bot].steam = new SteamUser()
tradeManager[bot].community = new SteamCommunity()

My app will be better?

I am sorry for many question, I just want to understand what exactly is necessary and why. Thank you =)

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