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Creating account: Error 20


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Hello have a problem i not had before :( Hope someone can help me thank you !
Creating accounts and Error code: 20 / Result 20

The file wlast worked / used for account crteating was at 30.05.2017 and i created 35 accounts with it no problems.

But i want use it today nothing work then i tryed change code and print more results in log file but the resul 20 is useless try over 3 days now and always still error 20 ServiceUnavailible
Tryed with different Servers / VPN / Proxy etc. What could be the problem when it work also updated all node steam user community client etc to newest version with node npm install / update upgrade.

Can soemone help me whats now wrong with it tryed also this:
Same problem :(

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Sounds like Valve's tired of people creating spam bots.


Thats long ago that i created this account not only for me and its not a spam bot.



And you can you test if fit works at you this script i send i also tryed or a self script only with anonymous login and then 1 create account 



​You have same problem ?



I tested a different sevrers and with vpn / proxy without etc nothing  helps.   so it can't only my problem thers also ?





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