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  1. Hello everyone! Someone know how Can I get my old games history with link to demo? I tried with "https://www.npmjs.com/package/globaloffensive" but I can't download old games from the past. If someone will have some time and know how to do that please help Regards
  2. Hello, I would like to ask how many games I can iddle in one time - I don't see it in https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steam-user#gamesplayedapps-force Thanks for help!
  3. Someone can explain me why I have statusCode 401 Unauthorized(data: You must be logged in to perform that action) ? I know it's meaning. 'I'm not logged in" but I don't have any ideas how to pass it. Nevermind Answer:
  4. What does it mean - 'x-eresult': '84' normal is 'x-eresult': '1' ? Okay so I think it is : "RateLimitExceeded = 84;" Why I can normal log in via steam-user but after but when I use cookies from steam-user I have sometimes RateLimitExceeded ... Can you explain me why ?
  5. Hello, why sometimes my response ( { response: {} } ) is empty? Profile status and game are public.
  6. Hello, It's possible to get profile information from steam-user object? I mean information like that: {"response":{"game_count":1,"games":[{"appid":730,"name":"Counter-Strike: Global Offensive","playtime_forever":224,"img_icon_url":"69f7ebe2735c366c65c0b33dae00e12dc40edbe4","img_logo_url":"d0595ff02f5c79fd19b06f4d6165c3fda2372820","has_community_visible_stats":true}]}} {"response":{"players":{"player":[{ "steamid": "xxxxxxxxxxxx", "communityvisibilitystate": 3, "profilestate": 1, "personaname": "xxxxxxxxxx", "lastlogoff": 1xxxxxxx, "profileurl": "https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/xxxxxxx/", "avatar": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "avatarmedium": "xx", "avatarfull": "x", "personastate": 0, "primaryclanid": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", "timecreated": xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "personastateflags": 0 } ]}}} It's possible to get it from steamcommunity/steam-user if my profile is private? It's possible to change profile status from private on public - download information about accounts and set accounts as private ? Sorry for stupid questions...
  7. It's possible work on same lisener without multiple? Without promise I have normal console log without any double lines but I need promise... Thanks for respond @Dr. McKay!
  8. Hello, sorry for stupid post but I have question why after use this code second time console.log print the same information twice? 3 turns on 3 times when I use in other place 'loggedOn' I see again console.log(this.informations) in other function. Someone can tell me why and what I can to do with that? Sorry for my rip English and code. { let p = new Promise((resolve,reject)=>{ this.steam.logOn(this.account_details); this.steam.on('loggedOn', () => { this.steam.setPersona(SteamUser.Steam.EPersonaState.Online); this.informations.steamID=this.steam.client.steamID; this.informations.accountid=this.steam.steamID.accountid; console.log(this.informations); this.steam.logOff(); setTimeout(()=>{ resolve(true); },1000); }); }); return p.then((resolve)=>{ console.log(`...`); }); } Console:
  9. Hi, someone have idea on antyspam? I just won't get spam like 20 messages from the same user in 3 sec ( or more). Have a nice day
  10. Hello, Can I return how many hours I played in CS:GO? I want to know how many hours I have in game via script.
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