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How exactly does the SteamGuard code work in changePassword()?


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changePassword() takes the e-mail code that gets sent to you as its third argument. It's a catch-22 that I don't understand, though, because the e-mail code doesn't get sent until you call that function.


Regardless of whether you add the argument, a prompt comes up and proceeds to *not* use the input and use the argument as the code.


What am I missing? Sorry, but I couldn't figure it out looking at the documentation.



const User = new SteamUser();

  'accountName': <username>,
  'password': <password>

User.on('loggedOn', function() {
  console.log('Successfully logged in');

  User.changePassword(<old password>, <new password>, <random string>, function(err) { // how are you supposed to provide the code when it gets activated by the function?

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If you don't have a mobile authenticator enabled, you should call requestPasswordChangeEmail first to get an email sent to you. If you do have a mobile authenticator enabled, you should skip the email entirely and just use a 2FA code when you call changePassword.


You mentioned a "prompt comes up", is it the "Steam Guard App Code: " or "Steam Guard Code: " prompt? If so, that's not the prompt for changing your password, it's the prompt for logging in. If you don't disable the promptSteamGuardCode option then if you don't supply a Steam Guard code in logOn it will prompt for one from stdin. And since you can't use mobile authenticator codes twice, if you do have a mobile authenticator enabled you need to supply a code to login, then wait 30 seconds before trying to change your password so you'll get another code.

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