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Steam Authentication - Securely passing Data to a Frontend Framework


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Hi everyone,


 have this nodejs backend which is calling the Steam api via passport-steam to log a user in. This is working and in this code I am getting the user back.


//regex to validate auth/steam/ and auth/steam/return

passport.authenticate('steam', {
failureRedirect: '/'
(req, res) => {

So I have user as req.user in the callback after the Steam Login passes.

My question is: What is the best (AND MOST SECURE!) way to pass this req.user to a route, which I will then call GET from the Frontend Framework so I can get this data to the Frontend? Furthermore, how does my Frontend communicate with my nodejs bot in a secure manner? (maybe this is a broad question but worht a try!)

Right now I have this route set up:

app.get('/account', (req, res) => {
res.send({user: req.user});

But user is null.

Any help is appreciated!

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