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Converting Items into Gems?


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is it possible to convert background/emotes into gems with a bot?


Basically, I want the bot to scan it's inventory once a trade is completed, find Backgrounds/Emotes worth 20+ Gems and turn them into Gems.


Is it possible to do?

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Thanks! I wasn't aware these existed!


However, I'm pretty new to this and really not sure how to use these methods..


Say I have an array called "Selected_Items" with items I filtered myself


I go through it with a for loop and try to convert each item to gems.


 I'm supposed to get gemValue first so that I can pass that variable to turnItemIntoGems() method right? I'm not sure how to use getGemValue() method.  Could you give me a simple example by any chance?  :) 

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You have to use getGemValue first because turnItemIntoGems needs the expected value.

That's what I figured.

 However, I'm not sure I'm doing this right.


Here's my attempt:

// I'm going through my steam inv with a for loop

let MyItem = MySteamInventory[i];

community.getGemValue(MyItem.appid,MyItem.assetid, (res) => {
console.log("This Item is worth: "+res.gemValue);

Am I supposed to use community.getGemValue since getGemValue belongs to node-SteamCommunity? 


The Error: This Item is worth: undefined

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