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  1. Created PR: https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/pull/276
  2. Nevermind, seems it just took a bit longer than usual. V3 is all good.
  3. This issue isn't specific to v4. I can't get it to work on the latest version of v3 either. Debugging this currently...
  4. @ThePlata, did u try? For me, it seems callback isn't called at all.
  5. I did this for the callback to support the old structure: (result, detail, packages) => { // conversation new to old structure if (result) { detail = result.purchaseResultDetails; packages = result.packageList; result = result.eresult; } else { result = 1; }
  6. I've made it log all debug events and this is the log: https://pastebin.com/EZRG8xm3 It repeats every 2 minutes, until it finally works. Sometimes it works at first try, but often it takes several tries. loggedOnSteam only gets logged on loggedOn event. And signedIntoBarter only gets logged ONCE websession. This is my login config (un and pass omitted) { accountName: 'xxx', password: 'xxx', twoFactorCode: 'XXX', logonID: 1551653434369, rememberPassword: true, dontRememberMachine: false, autoRelogin: true, machineName: '[email protected]' }: WebSocket disconnected with error: Ping timeout This seems to cause it, or at least be related with it.
  7. Something weird is happening. I updated my bot to work with your latest steam packages. However, sometimes it seems like something inside steam-user gets stuck. Sometimes it works just fine, but other time it will only emit loggedOn and websession events. All other events are not emitted. And that's not all. I expect loggedOn to be only emitted once, since in my code I only login once, however when these other events are not emitted, loggedOn gets emitted every 2 minutes. Any idea what's going on?
  8. You could of course always do it yourself, by checking the web request from steam and use https://github.com/DoctorMcKay/node-steamcommunity/wiki/HTTP-Hooks to incorporate that in your script.
  9. Can't you just turn the callback of the friendMessage ID event into a promise and await that in an async function?
  10. I wouldn't know without checking your bot's logic. It also begs the question: Why don't you just try?
  11. This is also a great guide: https://github.com/andrewda/node-steam-guide
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