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TF2 node module

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Thanks for making your node modules open source Doctor Mckay. I'm interested in making a tf2 trade bot. I searched the internet and your api was the only one which allowed the bot to trade ingame. I'm interested in making a bot like this but in python. I looked through the source of tf2 module and I'm having a hard time understanding what some things do. I don't have much experience in javascript or programming bots in general. Could you explain what the Game Controller is and what the protobuf things are doing. I searched online about the TF2 game controller and I didn't find any documentation. Could you link me to some sources to learn more about the game controller and how to control a bot that is ingame?


Thanks, Benscar1

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It's a bit detailed to go into here, but it involves implementing the CM protocol by looking at reference code, looking over the protobufs until you find something that looks like you want to do (and possibly not finding it, which means you have to guess the parameters and order), sending messages, and seeing what happens.

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