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Where to start from for making a simple chat response bot


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I don't have any experience in computer languages etc, even no c++ as my field of education is different .But i have keen intrest in such things now a days.

I was planing to make a simple Steam response bot which would give specific Pre-saved response for a certain Commands. What should i learn to make it?

1) which computer languages?

2) Do i need to learn everything about API or just how steam API works?

3) Any other resources ?

4) are there any simple steam bots with explantions.

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1. Start by learning the basics of Javascript. After that, you can jump to learning more about Node JS and server-side programming.

2. APIs are not needed for a basic chatbot.

3. Read Mckay's documentation on his Steam modules, these are essential for creating a Steam bot with Node JS.

4. Here's one I created, it comes with simple explanations for every line of code. This should give you an idea of how bots are constructed (After you've learned the basics).


I hope this helps!


If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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