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  1. same problem my devloper told me its something of steam issue, what u can do right now is simply restart the whole bot eg when sessionexpired is thrown u can log out completly and login again completely then the bot will work for 15-20 mins and will repeat same if prob continues
  2. thanks i ll post if this works out for me! require('console-stamp')(console, '[HH:MM:ss.l]'); var cron = require('node-cron'); cron.schedule('*/30 * * * *', () => { client.webLogOn() console.log('weblogged in after 30 mins using cron') });
  3. this worked for me as said by dr mckay client.on('friendRelationship', (friend, relationship) => { if(relationship == SteamUser.EFriendRelationship.RequestRecipient) { client.addFriend(friend); message(friend, "Thanks for adding me, use !help to get started."); community.postUserComment(friend,"Thanks for adding! Enjoy your stay and have a good Day!"); }});
  4. my bot is getting web session expired and i use community.on('sessionExpired', function(err) { if (err) { console.log('sessionExpired: '+err); } if (client.steamID) { client.webLogOn(); } else { client.logOn(logon_details); } });this code is triggered when the user of bot tried to make the bot start a trade offer. what is a simple way for me to trigger session expired like every 15 mins if the session has expired? Ans- A simple http request every 15 mins using node-cron to trigger it. (i am not a coder so if u could show it to me thanks!) Right now the user of bot triggers it then has to wait 1-2 mins then the bot webLogon() and then sends trade offer Alternative 2 it was suggested in forum we can use direct cronschedule that does webLogOn() every 15 min , and whenever that error fires I also do a webLogOn(). but idk what will happen if i try to webLogON() if the session hasnt been expired yet thats y i wanted to set up Alternative 1
  5. http://prntscr.com/lv0q6u my developer is busy for few days. can anyone give me any idea why this happens so i could fix it? it happens after 24 hrs etc when bot is working
  6. I don't have any experience in computer languages etc, even no c++ as my field of education is different .But i have keen intrest in such things now a days. I was planing to make a simple Steam response bot which would give specific Pre-saved response for a certain Commands. What should i learn to make it? 1) which computer languages? 2) Do i need to learn everything about API or just how steam API works? 3) Any other resources ? 4) are there any simple steam bots with explantions.
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