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Memory Leak in version 4

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sorry to whine, but I am suffering from a memory leak issue with the version 4 branch. After disabling all my code, except for one account logging in, (and doing nothing) it still leaks. I left the one idle account running doing nothing and after about a day or so it exceeded the ~1.5 GB of heap the node process (by default) can use.


I then downgraded to 3.9.2 and it's fine now. I restored all the code and all the accounts are running and its been 12 hours now and memory usage is proper and garbage collecting is happening. It kinda seems like garbage collecting wasnt happening with v4, but I'm not sure exactly, as I didn't play around much with --expose-gc, yet. I quick glance suggested I couldnt just hack around this with manual global.gc() calls, but that would have probably been fine with me.


This happens on Linux and Windows, and im using node lts 10, linux from now on. What version does the the doctor use, btw?


I wish could be of more help, I tried generating heapdumps, but It locked up my machine, and I cant seem to get 'node-memwatch' installed/compiled, which had some event I maybe later could listen to that detects leaks. 


All the accounts are 'assigned/joined/ to a steam group chat however, a idle ghost town chat with nobody chatting in there, so maybe its likething related to (other) group chat events. Ill try to test this out next with an account who is not joined to a group chat.


thanks for looking.


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Well, it's been over 24 hours now and both my test processes are still low on memory usage:

WS: 2019-02-06 00:43:13 - rss: 134.3 MB, heapTotal: 59 MB, heapUsed: 49.5 MB, external: 173.9 KB
TCP: 2019-02-06 00:43:27 - rss: 147.6 MB, heapTotal: 57.9 MB, heapUsed: 49.3 MB, external: 81 KB

One is connected to Steam using a WebSocket, the other using TCP. Both have just logged on and gone online on Steam, nothing more. Also, neither has crashed.


Node v10.15.0.

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My test instances still haven't gone above 150 MB (although one of them crashed on Tuesday because Steam gave it an InvalidPassword... stay classy Valve) so I'm going to go ahead and end this experiment. One of them was sending a chat message to a chat room both bots were in every second or so and still there was no significant memory usage.

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