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Stuck on "Awaiting mobile confirmation"

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My bot sometimes gets stuck at "Awaiting mobile confirmation", which is annoying for the customers who want to receive their items.

I'm using the example code of steam-tradeoffer-manager on Github. Is there anything to do against this? 

Kind regards

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It is already implemented, but +- 1/50 sent offers are stuck on waiting for confirmation. Using Steamcommunity.
I think this is the same problem as https://dev.doctormckay.com/topic/173-confirmation-didnt-go-through/ . You've said that the libraries take care of the DeviceID, am I doing it correctly or am I missing something here ?

function login() {

  steam.login(logOnOptions, function (err, sessionID, cookies, steamguard, oAuthToken) {
    if (err) {
      console.log("Steam login fail: " + err.message);

    fs.writeFile('steamguard.txt', steamguard);
    console.log("Logged into Steam");

    var mycookies = manager.setCookies(cookies, function(err) {
      if(err) {
        throw err;

      console.log("Got API key: " + manager.apiKey);
      steam.startConfirmationChecker(2000, identity_secret);
      console.log("Confirmation Checker has started");

Kind regards

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