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Getting Market Price (Async Function)


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so Im trying to get the market price of an item I receive on a trade. It works, but for some reason  the script won't wait for my async function to finish and returns an empty result


First I have this function which is triggered when I receive an offer for their items

async function ProccessTradeOffer(offer){

let TheirItems = offer.itemsToReceive;
const Deposited_Items = await ConvertToKeys2(TheirItems);

console.log(Deposited_Items); // this will print null and won't wait for the async to finish

This is the other function im calling

async function ConvertToKeys2(Items){

let ValueInKeys = []; // array of objects containing info about the items
                    return new Promise(resolve => {
                        setTimeout(() => {
                               if(Market_Value > -1){
                                   obj = {
                                      name: item_name,
                                      value: Market_Value  
                         }, 2000);


     return ValueInKeys; 

The problem is that in the main async function it'll not wait for my ConvertToKeys2 function to calculate & add it to array and simply print an empty array.

It's an async function so I don't understand why thisis happening..


Thx for your help  :) 

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ConvertToKeys2 is not an async function (nor does it return a Promise), so that's why await isn't awaiting anything.

What about this? 

 return new Promise(resolve => {});

Doesn't that mean it returns a promise?


Sry if you facepalm reading this, I'm still trying to wrap my head around async functions

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Yes, that's returning a promise. You should put your code inside of the callback function and call resolve() once you're done.

async function abc(){ // test function
	let Items = ["AK-47 | Elite Build (Minimal Wear)","AK-47 | Redline (Field-Tested)","AK-47 | Frontside Misty (Field-Tested)"];
		let prices = await Market_Price(Items);
		console.log(prices); // this will print an empty array

This is what happens:




It will not wait for the function to finish.

They're both async, it returns a promise but im not sure about the resolve() posittion


Edit: Figuered it out. Just wrapped the entire function with return promise like you suggested, thx for the help :)

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