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I have a few questions:


1. How can i get RegionID of my account (that using in Steam Store). Reffering to this https://i.gyazo.com/93754ec9ef0032dbe38ce466b6d86974.png (is it right place?), my code is '62' but i want a country string like 'RU' or 'US'? Couldn't find any info in enums for that. 


2. Is it possible to buy/buyAsGift games in Steam Store on US account from different GeoIP? Which pool of regions would be supported for gifting (GeoIP regions or account regions)?


3. And maybe somewhere exists a method to get that pool of supported regions for certain account (for buying games as gifts)? 


4. Can i somehow catch an event when a recipient accept/decline a gift (from Steam Store, not from inventory)?

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