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i bought proxies on luminati.io. But always getting 'HTTP CONNECT 403 Bad Port' error on logOn.


My Code:

let user = new SteamUser({
  singleSentryfile: false,
  promptSteamGuardCode: false,
  dateDirectory: null,
  httpProxy: 'http://lum-customer-mycustomerid-zone-myzonename:mypassword@host:22225'

  accountName: 'test',
  password: 'test',
  rememberPassword: true


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Sounds like your proxies aren't permitting traffic on non-HTTP ports. Update to v4.6.0 and try adding "webCompatibilityMode": true to your constructor options and see if that helps.

Worked but always tries non-HTTP ports. So many timeout and errors iff server have port 443 or http port connected. 

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