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[Bug?] unknownOfferSent for trades created by TradeOfferManager


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Sometimes on sending tradeoffer bot will receive error from steam: "There was an error sending your trade offer.  Please try again later. (16)" but in 5-60 seconds unknownOfferSent event fires 1-3 times with this exact trade (I triple checked that I create offer only once, with logs too), one of these offers will behave as usual and all others (if there are others) will have status InvalidItems. Usually it happens when steam lags

Is it even possible? Or should I look for errors in my code?

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So I gues there is no workaround atm. If so few more question:

1. These  offers from "unknownOfferSent" still should always fire event "sentOfferChanged" if they will be accepted/canceled/etc?

2. Seems like these offers ignore "cancelTime" "pendingCancelTime" options of tradeoffer manager because they are not considered as offers created by manager. Is there better way than using setTimeout to implement same behavior as that options?

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